Camp Journal

Red and Blue go bananas!

18th July 2013

Despite the possible forecast of thunder storms our hardy Red and Blue group made their way down the mountain to the beach. However once arriving at the beach the warm pre storm weather made for perfect banana boating weather and the kids couldn’t wait to jump into the cool lake. While the groups went off for their trips on the boat the others swam in the lake or went up and down the slide at the swimming pool in between trips to the tuck shop for some yummy ice creams.


Whilst some chilled at the side you could hear the screams of laughter from those on the banana boat as the kids and staff struggled to stay on as they bounced over the waves. The kids also enjoyed laughing at the staff as they tried to scramble back on to the boat. Lina and Leith laughed hysterically with photographer Mark in the speed boat, as Amun and Tina’s had their inelegant attempts to get back on the boat.

After a fun day there was a lot of snores coming from the bus as they made their way back up to camp in time for shower hour. As they returned to camp with rumbling tummies, they all enjoyed the thai green curry which left some, like Guido and Nicky, reaching for the water jug but.

Evening activities included a quiz led by language teacher Bart before some well needed sleep for the next days activities.

Bring on tomorrow!