Camp Journal

A day of courage for Blues and Reds!

4th July 2017

Our blue group had a wonderful day with our trip to the Glacier 3000 finally upon us! After a very early breakfast our campers jumped on the bus ready to have a fantastic day.

Once at the glacier, the campers were brave and took two cable cars on a chairlift up the mountain. After lathering on sun cream, our campers played in the snow and had the chance to ride the highest alpine roller-coaster in the world! There were a few nerves, but after everybody had braved it- the excitement was palpable!

After a packed lunch the next challenge was a walk across the Sky Bridge, a suspension bridge 3000 m up. The blue groups day had been full to the brim of challenges, excitement and adrenaline so it was time to head back to camp for shower hour and dinner, followed by hot chocolate and a movie to finish this exciting day! No doubt all of our campers slept well after such a busy day!