Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Languages, Climbing and More!

20th July 2021

Today started of with our marvelous bilingual campers taking the challenge of learning a new language! Some of them even had a 5 minute Irish language lesson as they were so interested in one of our English teachers being able to speak it, what motivated students!

The second half of the day took part in the climbing wall where we had our very own spider man Bertran Pages Barba and Nicolas Guallart García|. We then took on the challenge of 5 a side football where our very own Cristiano Ronaldo as Spencer Beck scored the winning goal for the black team!

Before dinner we ended with a very competitive game of capture the flag where all our Usain Bolts came alive speeding past each other to try and get to the other teams side, to as you guessed it CAPTURE THE FLAG, it’s safe to say they all really like grabbing the win!

Lastly are campers emulated the talents of the world famous drummer Eric Singer of KISS as they drummed to their hearts content at Camps suisee most famous musical event JUNK YARD BAND!
see you all tomorrow for more exciting updates!
– Lauren, Group Leader