Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Language Learning and Team-building

6th July 2021

A brilliant breeze mixed in with splendid sunshine awaited the adventurous linguistic superstars that are the Reds and Blues, as they bounced out of bed ready to embark on their journey of linguistic discovery and exploration with the first day of their language course!
A cracking continental breakfast was a welcome sight for the campers, before splitting off into their respective language classes.

Cali and Julien started their Spanish lessons with the joyous Joan, who has bundles of enthusiasm and natural talent.

Over in the English classroom, Paolo and Cesar came up with a smashing story for a theatrical masterpiece, which will be featured in the Camp Suisse talent show, taking place later in the Session. Meanwhile, Elena, Mia and Lola channelled their competitive side as they swooped to victory in the conversational snakes and ladders competition. Royce, Camille and Paul sang fabulous phonics and wondrous week days with such enthusiasm.

In the French lesson, Jimena, Olivia, Julieta, Carla and Oliver put Old Mac Donald to shame with their amazing animal impressions “e aye e aye o”!

The German class saw Ivi, Claire and Elena put the ‘guten’ in ‘tag’ with their great German skills and beaming smiles.

We really were walking on sunshine in Torgon as we enjoyed perfect panini at lunch, as the sun shone down on Camp.

This afternoon brought teamwork, resilience and cooperation together as the campers worked to smash teamwork games out the park! Jimena really shone on Lava River, whilst Cesar would have made David Attenborough proud, with his brilliant bird impressions and Royce smashed capture the flag. Penelope and Louse showed tremendous teamwork skills as they cooperated with their fellow campers.

Another dazzling day with the fabulous Reds and Blues in Torgon, as they once again showed us what absolute legends they are!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader