Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Lake Day!

23rd July 2021

As the courageous campers rose this morning excitement filled Camp Suisse, as the campers prepared to embark on arguably one of the most epic and fun- filled activities Camp suisse has to offer- the wondrous paradise that is… dun dun dun… Villeneuve!

The morning kicked off with the campers embarking on their paddle board expedition on Lake Geneva. Greta took to paddle boarding like a duck to water as she glided across Lake Geneva with no sweat at all. Maisy, Cate, Luka and Leah also took Lake Geneva by storm as they showed the paddle board who was Boss!

After lunch, the campers faced the second challenge of this dreamy day – banana boating! Maria, Mathilde, Mia and Ari rode the waves like pros, as they hardly even fell off, despite the speed boat pulling them along at a record speed.

The day also included lots of super swimming in the picturesque pool, and Spencer even created two new games (which we all had tonnes of fun playing!) and Leo swam better than Michael Phelps in the Olympic final!
All in all a dreamy day with our brilliant campers, that make us proud every second of the day!

– Beatrice Palmer, Group Leader