Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Camp Suisse Olympics

10th July 2021

This morning was a busy one with some of us departing early in the morning and more arriving throughout the day. After breakfast we had a masterclass in bed making and after, we put our new skills to use and cleaned our rooms! Next Olympics Day kicked off and it was once again a fantastic day! We picked teams from an eclectic bunch of countries and we spent the morning painting our faces, making flags and brainstorming chants that would best represent our country.

After an athlete’s picnic on the decking, we felt fit to compete. There were five events, all testing different skills from aim to speed to agility. Julien proved to be quite the team leader, directing his group through the water obstacle course with passion and gusto. Cali was on the organising committee and proved to be very effective. Lola represented her country of Greece with singing chants and even lead them to win bronze place. In silver came Mexico and in gold came Morocco. Paul was delighted with his first prize of a lanyard, the exact same as the ones the staff wear.

A relaxing evening was much needed and so a ping pong tournament and some card games and free time were just what the doctor ordered, maybe even an early night for some!

– Katy Rea, Group Leader