Camp Journal

Red & Blue Groups: Blast off into Space! 🚀

13th July 2021

On a rainy day in Torgon the Reds and Blues decided that they’d blast off into space instead! Bottle rockets were our first activity of the day. We learned about aerodynamics, pressure and, most importantly, teamwork, as we carefully designed our rockets, tested them, fine-tuned them, and sent them flying! Aiden’s team won by a hair, with Carla’s team a close second and Riccardo’s team coming in third.

After a well-deserved hot lunch it was time for sports in the sports hall. The Epic-Football-Tournament was won by the black team, while the greens narrowly missed out following a spectacular performance by Paolo in goal. Cops and Robbers and British Bulldog also featured during our sports afternoon: a big change from yesterday when the kids all won a gold medal in chocolate and cheese eating.

– Hugh Duffy, Group Leader