Camp Journal

Red, Blue, Green and Yellow group – Session One ‰ÛÒ Goodbye and safe journey home!

11th July 2014

Yesterday all the campers joined together like one big family, it was Camp Suisse Olympic Games!

Each camper was put into a country and given a new group of friends to compete with. At the start of the day campers and staff were given the opportunity to get creative and patriotic for their given country – there were face paints, banners, chants and flags!

Shortly after the opening ceremony, there was a torch relay with each countries national anthem playing.

There were six different activities set up and the countries rotated around the games and competed against one another. The activities included the classic ‘Egg and Spoon Race’, an obstacle course and the ‘Three-Legged Race’..oh and don’t forget the Tug-of-war!


All the campers got very involved in the games and you could hear chants all around Camp Suisse!

During the evening the campers dressed in their best for the disco! Everyone had a good dance to the music and at the end were given their awards for what they brought as a person to Camp Suisse!

Goodbye our camper friends! We have had a great time and we wish you all the best! See you soon!