Camp Journal

Red and Blue Group ‰ÛÒ Swiss Chocolate, yummy!

20th July 2014

In the morning, the campers in Red and Blue Group climbed aboard the Camp Suisse Coach to visit the Callier Chocolate factory.

The tour is a fantastic installation about the simple beginnings long ago of the world’s love for chocolate to the development of the Callier brand up to date. At the end of the tour the campers made it to the Tasting Room (which is exactly as it says on the tin), plenty of free samples for everyone!

In the afternoon, the campers went to Gruyère Old Town and enjoyed lunch in a park which was overlooked by Gruyère Chateau! In the park the campers enjoyed some sports (a great way to burn off all that chocolate!).

After a quick look around the shops in Gruyère Old Town the Camp Suisse Coach with all the campers headed back to camp for ‘Shower Hour’ and an evening of more sports!