Camp Journal

Red and Blue Group ‰ÛÒ Lost in a Maze to Running the Racetrack!

13th July 2014

After a hearty breakfast, the campers in Red and Blue Group embarked on their first activity at Camp Suisse. 
To begin with it was all aboard the Camp Suisse Coach to make their way to the world’s largest natural labyrinth, there is a garden maze with lots of hidden treasure within and an amazing playground!
Once all the campers had navigated their way out of the maze it was time for lunch (a packed lunch specially prepared by the Camp Suisse Chef!).
In the afternoon it was time to learn about one of the most iconic sporting events at the International Olympic Museum. The exhibition is interactive and gives the campers an exciting way to learn about the progression of the modern Olympic games. 
Soon it was time to head back to Camp Suisse in time for ‘Shower Hour’, so the campers could freshen up and have some quiet time to have a chat on the phone with Family and Friends. 
After dinner the Pastoral Care Team had a great evening of sports planned for everyone and then it was time for lights out.