Camp Journal

Red and Blue Group ‰ÛÒ Hi ho hi ho it‰Ûªs up the wall we go!

2nd July 2014

Spirits were high in the camp this morning as everyone prepared to continue their language lessons, the tutors can see a real development because everyone is participating.

Once the lessons had been completed for the day it is time for lunch. The campers have a choice of what they would like; which could be a Jacket potato, a baguette with filling or even a hot dog!

The clouds had rolled in today but that didn’t dampen the mood because the Activity Leaders took the campers to our indoor climbing wall. Everyone had been very excited to get a chance to climb the wall and they all took on board the instructions on how to climb safely – Oh and not forgetting the great team enthusiasm! 10/10 campers!

For the evening the Pastoral Care Leaders had organised a great activity called the Torgona Hunt, this is a game where the campers follow clues and have to answer questions about Camp Suisse and the surrounding area. 

Once all the activities were over it was soon time for bed and lights out for 21:30 (Red) and 21:30 (Blue)!.