Camp Journal

Red and Blue Group ‰ÛÒ Glacier Day!

31st July 2014

After a nutritious breakfast and a journey on the Camp Suisse coach, the campers arrived at the bottom of the mountain to then catch the cable car up to the summit above the clouds!

At the top the campers were on a glacier! It was an amazing sight to behold with the sun shining and all the snow! At Glacier 3000 there were husky dogs waiting with a sled, ready to give the campers a ride around. After everyone had a go it was only polite to give the dogs a pat on the head as a thank you.

 In the afternoon the campers arrived in the sun soaked town of Villeneurve right next to Lake Geneva! The campers got to have a swim in the pool and lake!

Everyone had bucket loads of fun playing games and larking about! Back at Camp Suisse in the evening the campers enjoyed a culinary celebration of Swiss National Day