Camp Journal

Red and Blues test out the Glacier for themselves

31st July 2013

5.30am was the bright, early and slightly painful time on the clock when the campers of the Red and Blue groups were gently woken by the familiar friendly faces of their night guards and group leaders. After a slightly queasy bus and ski lift journeys, the campers reached their stunning destination of Glacier 3000. They learned that this glacier is so named for its altitude from knowledgeable activity leader Taff and JP. A chairlift ride down to the husky dogs was the next item on the agenda for the Red and Blue group campers. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to meet the adorable creatures and experience a thrilling sledge ride. After a gripping ride on the world’s highest alpine roller coaster, the campers munched through their fresh pasta lunch and descended the mountain. On arrival at the swimming pool at Villeneuve on Lake Geneva, everyone was captivated by the 7 metre diving board. Having changed and passed their swim test, many campers braved the heights, whilst others relaxed in the sunshine. Once back home, everyone loved tucking in to delicious lasagne, and the ever-popular ‘Waffle Wednesday’. The Reds and Blues’ epic day was concluded with writing, directing and starring in three-minute videos. 

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