Camp Journal

Photo day and Camp Suisse Olympics

5th August 2017

It was the campers lucky morning as they were allowed a half an hour lie in before breakfast at 8.30 followed by some organisation of rooms and laundry. After this was all done, this morning’s weather was perfect for our plans today at Camp Suisse!!!Photo day had arrived and our campers took extra care to look their best and bring their best poses with them! Each colour had a group photo with their leaders as well as some big group ones, with fun shots such as making a CS sign with the campers themselves! It was so much fun and we’re excited for everybody to have such lovely souvenirs for when they leave.

After some lunch, it was time for the next fun activity and the greatest show on earth (some say): the Camp Suisse Olympics! Everybody was assembled into countries based on nationality so that there could be a little patriotic edge to the competition. We painted our faces and wore the flags of our countries : France, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Spain and Canada. It was then time for the very important and very lively opening ceremony with national anthems and the lighting of the Olympic Torch! We had everything from Egg and Spoon Races, to petanque obstacle courses and of course: a huge water fight at the end of the day! The walk home was full of laughs and after some dinner to refuel, the campers were able to choose their next fun activity between the choices of some relaxing Yoga, hilarious Zumba or a fun quiz! Everybody went to bed very happy!