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Olympic Museum

20th July 2011

“Most people would dismiss it and not care, I must say that it was one of the most informative and fun museums ever”

Some of the Green group were able to visit The Olympic Museum in Lausanne recently and this is one of the campers view on the day.

“Seven of us were staying on from Session 1 and attending Session 2 at Camp Suisse, so on arrivals day we were able to pay a visit to The Olympic Museum in Lausanne.  The guides talk you through the history of the Olympics and explain how they were discontinued at one point as there wasn’t any interest in them, yet we were also told how years ago the Greeks would stop anything and everything in order to attend the Olympics.  The Olympic goals are to create respect, friendship and excellence, three very important traits.  

One of the highlights of the Museum was being able to exhibit the artefacts, replicas of Mohammed Ali’s boxing shoes, the first bobsled ever used and the 2.45m high jump that is now the World Record.

None of this will ever be forgotten and we all had a fantastic time and really appreciated the day.  Thank you Camp Suisse for taking us to a truly awesome place”

Diana, Green Group

Sessions 1&2 2011

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