Camp Journal

Nature Education – White Group

18th July 2012

Since the Red, Greens and Yellows were away for an early morning visit to Glacier 3000, the White group enjoyed a peaceful breakfast before setting off for language lessons and tennis training.

After a morning of both mind a physical stimulation the campers were well prepped for the bush hike led by Calum. Their creative tenacity was first put to test in the bid to create the most lavish shelter for a small woodland creature. The group was split and the campers were given 40 minutes to use the natural materials around them to construct the shelter.  Despite the fierce competition from all groups, the outstanding winners as voted by Oli, Kaity and Calum, was Matthew, Conrad and Marius’ team. 

During the descent back down the mountain, Calum educated the group about the origin of the Alpine mountainous region. He told them about the role of glaciers in the occurrence of U shaped valleys and V shaped valleys in this particular region.  They learned about the properties of moss and how it can be used to filter water. The groups were then given 2 water filtering bottles with moss inside for the purpose of filtering dirty water. The campers were awed to see that the water did actually exit the second bottle clear

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