Camp Journal

Mountain Edventure Challenge Day

2nd June 2017

After our briefing at the BBQ on Wednesday night we were all set for our Edventure Challenge focusing on our charity Atlantic Pacific.

The brief was simple….due to reasons beyond our control we were leaving home on a long journey, with an unknown destination and we had to choose six things we could carry to take with us.

Throughout the journey we were inevitably going to face a number of challenges; having to create maps to navigate our way to food, water and shelter. Boiling water, lighting fires to keep warm, performing first aid on injured team members, crossing rivers and building shelters out of whatever we could find in the forest. All of this whilst keeping spirits high, singing our new favourite camp fire songs all day long and saving enough energy to get our groove on at the disco.

Challenge accepted!!

Another great day was had by all. It was a steamy, humid day in Torgon and the songs, screams and laughter continued to ring out long into the afternoon.

After arriving back at camp very much wiser to the challenges people less fortunate than us face on a daily basis it was time to shower and get prepared for the Camp Suisse Disco Extravaganza.

As students, teachers and Camp Suisse staff strutted their moves on the dance floor I think it is fair to say that Camp Suisse and the Year 6 class from LGB have shared another amazing week together.

The fun however is still not finished…. Friday sees Class 6B and 6C heading to the Cailler Chocolate Factory for a tour of this famous Swiss delicacy whilst 6A and 6D finally get their turn at archery and Super Steve’s famous climbing wall sessions!

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