Camp Journal

Blue group go off road

8th July 2011

Yet another action packed day for the blue group at International Camp Suisse. This morning’s language classes were buzzing with talent Show preparations as the halls were filled with Europop classics and theatrical role plays.


After refuelling at lunchtime, the blue group headed for the hills with their mountain bikes.  Thanks to our great Activity Staff the blues were soon ready for action and were divided into two groups.  The more adventurous of the group took a challenging route down the mountain back to base.  The blue boys were as competitive as ever, accompanied by an adept Veronica.  The rest of the group (including me) enjoyed a more leisurely ride and weren’t put off by the threat of rain.


The much anticipated Camp Suisse Casino is taking place tonight as the campers stack their chips in the hope of winning some Nogrots.  

Until next time, over and out from the Blues.

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