Camp Journal

Mountain biking and Murder Mystery thrills for the Yellows and Greens

2nd August 2017

Today the campers woke up to a beautiful sunny morning with blue skies welcoming them to their 5th day at camp. First on the agenda for the day was plenty of adventure and thrill seeking with some mountain biking! The Yellows and Greens were able to learn new biking skills and then put them into practise on the beautiful and varied trails in the Torgon Forest. Zooming across lagoons, in between trees, and across suspension bridges; our campers really challenged and enjoyed themselves! For those who were feeling less adventurous and more relaxed, there was also the option to do some cool art jamming; camp Suisse’s version of arts and craft with lots of fun music to listen to.

Once everybody was done with their various activities, and after some refuelling at lunch, we then headed up to our language classes to put on our thinking caps! The beginners English class dedicated their class to learning about various nationalities and countries. They were asked to create a fun tourism poster about their respective countries and then present them to the class: therefore practising their vocabulary knowledge but also their oral skills and confidence.

After a delicious dinner, it was time for campers to participate in an exciting murder mystery!! Split into teams of mixed colour groups and ages, the campers made their way around camp following clues and questioning potential Camp Suisse Staff suspects to find out the truth behind our poor Jodie’s disappearance ! They had to work hard to earn their clues, doing all sorts of activities from math puzzles to races and dares. Eventually the groups pieced everything together and we found the horrific killer; Lizzie with a bike repair kit! Shocking. Overall it was another jam packed and fun filled day and we’re all very excited for our early start to the Glacier tomorrow!