Camp Journal

Mountain and Forest Fun

8th June 2017

Blazing sunshine and bright blue sky….a busy day was planned at Camp Suisse for LCIS.

Year 4 had a special treat today. Cyril, Camp Suisse’s resident ‘guide de moyenne montagne’, came in to take us on a hike high into the mountains to look for mouflon and introduce us to various other forms of flaura and fauna found in this amazing region that we are so lucky to live near. The rest of the day was then spent deep in the forest with Toria as we brought to life much of what we had learnt at school about living and non-living things and the life cycles of plants and animals. A long but great day was had by all and was finished off by the camp fire singing camp fire songs.

Armed with new found skills and knowledge in yesterday’s climbing wall session, Year 6 hit the rock climbing crag with passion. The skill level and determination of everyone was amazing and just when it looked like Mr Smith was going to be the only one to climb the difficult route, along came the afternoon climbers to match his prowess with their own set of skills and raw ability. In addition to the climbing, throughout the day we learnt different skills essential to survival in the mountains in emergency situations. This included how to build shelters, light fires and different techniques for filtering water. Thursday was Year 6’s turn for the disco and everyone was very excited to see Ms Leithead cut a few shapes and Steve strut his stuff on the D floor!