Camp Journal

The arrival of some more (lovely) staff!

24th June 2011

Recently we’ve welcomed the arrival of the remaining members of the Kitchen Team which has now doubled in size. Up until then there were nine of us working morning, lunch and dinner to make sure all the campers we’ve welcomed in the last few weeks were given plenty of food. I’ve personally worked in the kitchen at Camp Suisse for the last three years and the quality of food being created by our chefs has been by far the best and theres been plenty of it too. 

This afternoon we’ll be training the new staff and getting them up to scratch with the in’s and out’s of the kitchen and get them up and running in no time. This will mean that the shifts will change allowing everyone to get a decent rest and some time off after some intense shifts, particularly those involving cutting 10 kilos of onions. 
Theres a lot to do in Torgon making the time we do get off fly by and before we know it were back in the kitchen again. Personally I like to do a lot of rock climbing and mountain biking on my time off and if its sunny, walk to to the football pitch and kick a football around. In the kitchen were a really good team and everyone’s great friends with one another so we all get involved making both time in the kitchen and out of it a lot of fun.
Anyways I’ve got to go dash, these onions aren’t gonna chop themselves. 🙂

See you soon.Glen 😀

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