Camp Journal

Lot’s of Lake fun for Yellow group!

4th July 2017


A quick camp breakfast was had, with surreal views down to Lake Geneva, before the yellow group set off back to base. Down hill turned out to be a lot faster than up and luckily everyone was ready for the next adventure of banana boating by 11am. Once at the lake, there was no wasting time and it was straight on to the boats for the boys who managed to only fall in once: unlike the girls who went for a swim 3 times! With an afternoon of swimming, football, catch, paddle boarding and relaxing in the sun, the yellow group returned to camp for a special 4th July dinner of chicken burgers, salad and chips with special Camp Suisse sauce! There were american themed decorations and there was even a special American music playlist on in the background made by our very own resident New Yorker! A brilliant day!