Camp Journal

Learning and Fun for Greens and Yellows

8th August 2017

Unfortunately, it was a grey and rainy day at Camp Suisse today, with the whole camp immersed completely in cloud for most of the day! Luckily however, we were prepared! The Yellows and Greens decided to use their time inside productively and headed to some language classes followed by a lovely hot lunch to warm them up!

Despite the grey weather, we still had an absolute blast during our language classes as we practised our Karaoke songs in their chosen languages. This included Wonderwall by Oasis, Castle on the Hill by Ed Sheeran. Once we were sufficiently rehearsed and ready to move on, in the afternoon, headed for some indoor rock climbing where they were given various challenging routes. They played games and challenges to shake things up a bit and push their limits!

It was then time, after refuelling at dinner, to watch the talent show put together by our lovely younger campers showing of their talents in their chosen languages. It was great fun and everybody was very impressed by their progress in such a short time! After watching this, everybody was even more excited to show off their skills during evening entertainments and put their practise into reality from earlier today with a Karaoke session. There were songs in 5 different languages including Despacito, Papaoutai and Let me love you for English! Such a great day of learning and fun!