Camp Journal

LCIS go Camping!

7th June 2018

After welcome drinks, a tour of camp, and a big lunch, Year 5 set off to hike to camping. On our way we passed fields of cows, made daisy chains and practiced campfire songs. Year 5 were absolutely awesome and everyone made the three hour hike look like a piece of cake. Only stopping once for afternoon tea and a water refill, we made it to the refuge on time at around 4pm, where everyone set up their beds and enjoyed the games room in free time. Before dinner, we competed in teams to build the tallest paper structure that would hold an egg, which everyone found lots of fun. Dinner was BBQ – hamburgers, sausages and roast potatoes with salad – which was so yum that most kids went back for seconds! The fun didn’t stop there as after things had been cleared away, we set off just up the hill to visit France! It was really cool being between two countries and the view was beautiful! We all came back down the hill for a campfire, a few songs and most importantly marshmallows before bed. Everyone slept well that night and the next morning, after a hearty breakfast of beans on toast, we trekked back down to camp just in time for lunch.

Beth, Activities Leader