Camp Journal

Lazy like Saturday morning?

6th July 2014

The middle Saturday of Session One means a lie-in and a late breakfast at 9am for all campers. After breakfast the campers had time to tidy their rooms and once they were done they had some well desrved relaxation time until photo hour! All groups had some great snaps taken which will soon be available on the Camp Suisse photo site for all to see! There was a little time for games in between the photos which led us straight into lunch! After lunch each group was shuttled up to Plan de Croix where they then got the chair lift up to the ridge on the French-Swiss border. A long and beautiful afternoon stroll back down led to some very tired campers. They were all soon re-energised with a delicious dinner of tortellini and peach upside-down cake back at camp. To finish off the day, all of the campers made their way to the football field to take part in the DRACULA HUNT which scared and enthralled each and every camper involved!