Camp Journal

Languages and labyrinths

7th July 2019

The Reds and Blues started their day with their first language class this morning. Their classes are made of campers from both groups and tailored to the children’s ability and interests. For the Reds especially, this is exciting as they love getting to learn with the Blues, and playing games to practise their new language. Today, most classes spent their time getting to know each-other, and gaining confidence in using their language skills. 

In the afternoon, the Reds and Blues went on their first excursion to the Labyrinth Adventure Park. The children really enjoyed following each other round the different attractions, especially the maze and the outdoor pools. Friendships have started to blossom within both groups, and Adrianna came out of her shell and dare-devilled on the slides. 

Meanwhile, the Greens were excited today to be getting into the outdoors for a thrilling afternoon of adventure. The campers were split into smaller groups, which help our instructors to make the session more refined to the campers’ needs, and means the children get more time doing each activity. One group walked to our Archery Range, and learned how to be as good as Merida with a bow and arrow. Some of our Greens were already practised hands, and Leonardo was able to show everyone how it’s done! Our other Greens were brought up the mountain to our special mountain biking courses. After lots of practice on the bikes, the campers were ready to style down the trails. 

After an intense first day on Sunday, the Yellow group went back to nature with a morning of Bush-craft. Split into ‘tribes’, campers practiced the basics of fire making and fire-lighting, and sampled the edible flora found in the Alps, under the trusty guidance of our resident Bear Grylls, ‘Bushman Steve’. After all the hard work, they were rewarded with marshmallows and popcorn cooked over their own fires. 

The shelter building competition saw the tribes competing to construct a sturdy, waterproof shelter that could accommodate all 8 group members, before being put to the test with the Hurricane and Thunderstorm challenges! 

After a hearty lunch at Camp, campers were welcomed by their language teachers to their first language classes. They finished their second day at camp with an indoor hockey tournament before heading to bed.