Camp Journal

Language Tournaments & Waffles!

3rd August 2022

Greens and yellows enjoyed an action-packed morning. Campers learning English, Spanish, and French finished their language projects and enjoyed a tournament-style competition with other students. Alice, Tvrtko, Adriana won bragging rights as they aced the Emoji music quiz and jeopardy game. Non-languages took a few chairlifts across the border to France and enjoyed waffles at Les Lindarets, a popular ski and mountain biking village. After a hot lunch of paninis, greens and yellows headed back out to learn survival skills during Bushcraft. They learned how to build shelters using hammocks. Bassam was the judge of sturdiness, comfiness, and ease of use – he rated his own team as making the most elite hammock. Campers finished off the session by making their own bread over an open fire! After a delicious dinner of chicken curry, greens and yellows got to show off their skills at Camp Suisse Got Talent before their penultimate sleep of camp.