Camp Journal

Language Learning – Yellow

10th July 2012

Chloe, French teacher by morning and group leader by afternoon, checks in to tell us about Yellow group’s climbing skills. 

The flood of raised hands and finely tuned accents is what every foreign languages teacher desires to achieve for their students… 


It is evident, that as session one comes to a close, the campers have enriched themselves linguistically. Our wonderfully enthusiastic team of teachers have brought with them a multitude of creative ideas to aid learning. This combined with the fervent aspiration of the students to learn has served to create a pleasant atmosphere for the 

children to learn in. 


In the afternoon, Yellow group went rock climbing in the outdoor terrain near Torgon. Some people disregard the mental workout that rock climbing presents as wells as the physical. It is beneficial for our young campers to consistently push their boundaries in both ways and so although the rocks were steep and reached dizzying heights many of the members of Yellow group were keen to tackle the more challenging routes.


Each camper completed the session with enormous success and the flushed faces suggested it was an intense workout! The international varieties of food on offer at Camp Suisse tantalised the taste buds of our rock scaling Yellows. A choice of Moroccan tagine, British cottage pie and peach crumble kept the diners’ hunger at bay. A fun filled evening of film making put the campers’ drama skills to the test and rounded off the evening.  

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