Camp Journal

Red and blue go to the labyrinth!

14th July 2013

The Swiss sun soared high in the sky to welcome the campers of Camp Suisse on their first day at Camp. Routines, procedures and rules had to be laid down so after campers awoke at 7:15 for breakfast, it was time for French and Spanish language students to take their assessment tests to determine their levels of mastery in their respective languages. English and German students went off to their selected sports before everyone swapped over. 
Everyone chose their favourite from the five options on offer for lunch after which Group Leaders assembled everyone for the afternoon trip to the Labryinth Adventure maze. The mad dash of each group trying to find as many targets as possible before their competitors echoed around the maze. The fun and laughter continued with the groups enjoying the slides, bouncy castles and various other attractions on offer at the Labyrinth. 
An unusually late afternoon then ensued with the Reds and Blues. Gifts and sweets were bought at the stalls of Montreux Jazz Festival with the peaceful lakeside setting, sunshine and background music providing the perfect ending to a first day.

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