Camp Journal

An A-MAZE-ING day out!

1st July 2012

Today welcomed the first official day of Camp Suisse with an action-packed day in the labyrinth. Home to an enormous maze and attractions galore, it promised to be an adventurous start to the first International session.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t the best for the Red and Blue group’s big day out, but that didn’t put off the intrepid explorers of Torgon. After a short bus journey down the mountain we were all ready to go, excited at the prospect of completing the many challenges that lay ahead.As soon as we entered the labyrinth it was clear that we were going to have an unforgettable afternoon of fun. The lure of the many different games that littered the attraction proved to be just too strong for a lot of our campers (and staff!) who simply couldn’t wait to try their hand at one or more of the games.

Then eventually came the time to enter the maze. Unfortunately the maze proved too tough for the majority of staff members, but some of the campers were brilliant at working out which route to take in order to complete their challenging task. A series of twisting routes, tall hedges and mysterious treasure chests (containing the promise of free ice-cream!) was home to the younger campers for a couple of hours.

After having made their way out of the maze, a plethora of activities and games presented themselves to our campers. From inflatable bucking broncos to an enormous helter-skelter, the Reds made use of their time on the activities with a huge smile on their faces. Crazy bicycles were one of the highlights for our campers, along with an enormous bouncy castle that some of the girls coped with a lot better than the boys!

After that it was just a short ride back up the mountain to our base before the evening activity (a choice of either bingo or the European cup final) and bedtime. Exhausted but delighted, the campers made their way to bed with the thought of their first language classes in the morning! Roll on Monday.

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