Camp Journal

Its time to Camp!

15th August 2017

The Blues and Reds started of the day with some productivity and learning in their fun languages classes this morning! Even though they have only been taking these classes for a few days, they’re really starting to get a good understanding of their chosen languages and are beginning to grow in confidence due to the practise they have with our native language teachers!

Meanwhile, the Yellows and Greens had a more active morning and decided to take on the challenge of the climbing wall! With some music in the background and encouraging shouts from our amazing activity leaders Frankie, they all had a blast zooming up the wall like monkeys! They were given challenges and games in order to make it even more exciting and to test their abilities and everybody put so much effort into the activity. It was great to see how their confidence with the heights and the technicalities if climbing improved so much in such a short period of time.

After some yummy lunch to refuel, it was time for the next adventure! All of our groups stocked their backpacks with water, sun cream and their PJs and it was time to head off for some camping! We hiked up to our beautiful Alpine Outpost in the mountains, passing past streams, plenty of trees and even some friendly cows! Once we had made it up, the campers were able to get settled in their rooms and have a rest with some free time. There was some ping-pong and Fussball to be played and there was also some colouring and games of cards. Some of our campers didn’t need any distracting at all and were happy just to sit amongst themselves outside and admire the beautiful views with their friends!

After some classic camping BBQ food (burgers, salad and chips) it was time to explore these views even more as we set off to hike a little further up mountain and reach the French Border! Everyone was so excited at the achievement and they were rewarded by really incredible sights of Mont Blanc, the French ans Suisse Alps and even a view of Lake Geneva! Amazing.

After a fun camp fire with some fun and scary stories from our Activity Leader Fearghal accompanied by chocolate and bananas it was time for everybody to head to bed and get some rest after such a busy and exciting day!

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