Camp Journal

If you go down in the woods today

5th August 2011

Today campers had a lesson in outdoor survival skills as they headed to the woodlands up the hill and over the back of Camp Suisse; the challenge was to build a durable shelter which could cover at least two people. Our trusty activity leaders were on hand to offer up some tips and advice, but the planning and construction was left up to the campers. All the materials had to be sourced and scavenged from the surroundings, but no living organisms were allowed to be uprooted, de-homed or just generally disturbed.
Shelter building

Campers certainly rose to the challenge; some structures stood at 8 feet, some with full overhead storage and some even had doors! Campers were encouraged to consider factors such as weather, durability and shelter positioning. Once the structures were complete everyone enjoyed some afternoon tea inside them, just so they felt at home! Campers reflected on what they had learned and it is safe to say some invaluable lessons in outdoor survival were learned! 

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