Camp Journal

Culford meet the Huskys

12th June 2017

Culford Prep decided to test their alarms, and physical abilities, and woke at 5.45 am to a beautiful morning with ominous clouds to the north west. With temperatures still unseasonably high from yesterday’s blistering heat, we headed to the gorgeous glacier covered in sun cream from head to toe,  for our rendez-vous with the much anticipated husky dogs.

As we headed up, the high cloud cover came into play which unfortunately dampened the majestic view of the Alps. However the dogs were almost as excited to see us as we were them, and after being whizzed around the glacier on the dog sled- we then had our turn at sledging on bum boards. We couldn’t believe how much there was to do at the glacier as we then headed off to the Alpine Coaster, a roller coaster at 3000 m. Then after lunch we headed up to the Tissot Peak Walk, a large suspension bridge between two peaks that brought out the campers courage and daring!

After a long day at exciting heights of 3000 m, we headed back to Camp Suisse for a few sports games on the football pitch, dinner and a much needed DVD and hot chocolate evening.