Camp Journal

Greens and Yellows return from camping and take on the BIG BANANA!

6th August 2013

Having spent the night camping a stone’s throw from the French border, the Greens and Yellows enjoyed a later start to the day before the steady walk down to Camp Suisse in the morning sunshine. The downhill trip was considerably easier on some of the campers and goof time was made. The mid-morning arrival back at camp gave the campers some time to shower and prepare for the afternoons activity of banana boating before making their way to the restaurant for lunch. Upon arrival at Lake Geneva, the campers were prepared for their afternoon of having face full of water and then sent hurtling across the water, screams and laughter in its wake. Having lowered the water level of Lake Geneva quite considerably with the amount of water swallowed, the drenched campers were then allowed  to chill out in the lake – a nearly swimming pool. The hot weather and beaming sunshine mean the ice cream shop was a particular hot sport but alas the weather was not to last; distant thunder, lightning and pitch black storm clouds soon become not so distant and the pre-return pack up had to be done with rather more a hop, skip, jump and run than a mere leisurely pace would have allowed for. Having just beaten the rain, the campers made it back for shower hour and dinner before evening activities.
While Bingo was initially dismiss as an ‘old persons game,’ there were rather too many ‘YES’ and ‘OHs’ to be able to dismiss it as such. With juggling balls, chocolate, t-shirts and backpacks up for grabs as prizes; brows were furrowed in tense anticipation. The winner enjoyed the spoils the less fortunate will have to try their luck tomorrow as the final few days begin to bring session three of Camp Suisse 2013 rather too hastily to a close.

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