Camp Journal

Greens learn all about the flora in the mountains!

18th July 2013

After a hearty breakfast this morning, sports and language sessions were enjoyed by all. In basketball we learnt about different postions and the importance of passing within the team. Helene in the climbing wall team was determined to achieve the Red route on the smiley face wall, and with help from the fantastic Craig from the Activities team, I’m sure she will before the end of the week! 

The buffet lunch is always a great success, within many different hot and cold options to choose from, and the tuckshop after is popular too, with a few campers now sporting the colourful yellow hoodies and unique Camp Suisse bags. In the afternoon the Green group split into two: Taff and Gemma lead our nature walk whilst Marie and Chris from the Activities team took the other group.  The sun was shining as we walked in the mountains and had twenty different on-the-go lessons about sphagnum moss, glaciation and alpages for example. Everybody learnt something new including the group leaders and Taff, a fountain of knowledge himself!

A 3-minute video was the creative evening entertainment. Mark the photographer helped with the scene selection and filming, the other evening entertainment crew supported the Greens and Yellows in the imaginative mindmapping of different films to create a three minute video of their favourite movie.

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