Camp Journal

Green Group get their nature on!

18th July 2013


Following a hearty breakfast spread of fruit, cereal, toast and yogurt, the campers of the Glorious Green Group met in the sports hall for an invigorating game of Funky Seaweed before setting off for their productive mornings of language and sports lessons. Sadio, Carma and Tara particularly excelled as vicious sharks in this compelling game.
With throws practised, vocabulary memorized and stomachs depleted, the campers hurried back to the restaurant for their luxurious lunch. Fresh paninis eagerly digested and water bottles filled, the Green group campers followed Activity Leaders Chris and Marie into the mysterious forests surrounding Torgon. The campers learnt how to filter dirty water with sphagnum moss and rocks, about the Scandinavian origins of the pine trees, and about how to successfully combat the mountain wolves Switzerland is notorious for.
The delicious Thai Green Curry offered up by the kitchen for dinner proved divisive, with some campers viewing their plates with trepidation, but others rushing up for seconds or even thirds. The Green groups campers concluded their varied day making three minute movies. Cinderella, The Matrix and every zombie film ever screened were remade with distinctive Camp Suisse twists. Green group camper Leo particularly excelled as starring man Neo in the Swiss Matrix.
-Simon, Group Leader


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