Camp Journal

Greens & Yellows go to the Glacier!

19th July 2018

What a tiring and exciting day the Greens and Yellows have had! We set off at 7am and ventured to Gstaadt where we jumped in a couple of cable cars which took us up to Glacier 3000. It was slightly foggy but that didn’t dampen our spirits as we rode sleds pulled by husky dogs and the alpine rollercoaster!

We had some lunch and headed down the mountain to warm up our fingers and toes. We travelled back to camp before walking up to the football pitch to take part in a massive extreme golf competition. We had fairly worked up an appetite by the time dinner came around, which was an outstanding meal consisting of chimmichurri pork and all the trimmings!

Finally, campers took a vote and watched a movie whilst sipping on a hot chocolate- the perfect end to a long day!

Jack, Group Leader