Camp Journal

Greens Put To Work Their Best Bow Hand In Archery

5th July 2012

Yesterday we started the day bright and early, as the children were awoken at 7.30 to make sure they were all prepared and well equipped for the day ahead! We started with a yummy breakfast before heading to either their language lessons or sporting activities which was the choice between football and tennis. During the sports, all children were interacting and taking part in all the different games such as team building and skill improvements. All children had great smiles on their faces whilst they played with their new friends. 


We headed back for lunch, which was a wonderful healthy jacket potato with the choice of different toppings and salad bar. Once everyone was quite satisfied, it was time to head to the Green group meeting point so that we could start our afternoon activities. 


Archery and climbing were on the agenda and we presented our best bow hand in the face of the challenged to hit the bull’s eye. Many games were played and the campers’ favourite required us to hit the balloon on the target. The green group headed onto the climbing wall where they had the opportunity to try all different levels of climbing routes. Some of the group scaled all the way to the top even while blind folded! The group expanded their horizons and learned of many talents and skills they never knew they had. 




Once shower hour had taken place, all children headed for dinner. For dinner, there were two choices of either a vegetable bolognaise or sweet and sour chicken, which left the children were racing for seconds! Finally, before bedtime all children had another opportunity to tackle more fun activities. 

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