Camp Journal

Greens learn how to navigate

16th July 2013

Another fantastic day at Camp Suisse began as the sun rose over the mountains and the campers arrived at the centre for breakfast, woken up by the morning team playing some fun tunes to start the day. In the morning sports and language lessons took place: I joined in on the basketball and we played a small staff team against some of the greens, whites and yellows! Both sides did very well resulting in a win by the campers… but only just!  The green group were set for a superb day: the team were split in to two groups for the afternoon to make the most of the activities.  Matt, Alex and Marie-Claire’s groups headed down the valley driven by Kev, the Camp Suisse bus driver, to our favourite climbing spot at Collumbey. Taff, Ian and Marie lead the demonstration and explaned everything the campers needed to know to be able to climb safely and successfully!  Also Rayne and Helena helped the other Campers how to tie in, and belay: a great help to the campers who had not done it before!

Katie, Shona and Simon’s group went ghyll scrambling and orienteering! It was a lovely sunny day so even though the water was a little chilly, everyone had fun in the sun drying off before returning to camp to begin their informative orienteering session run by Sarah and Gemma.  After dinner which were delicious fahitas, fresh salad and a fruit dessert we all played bingo!

There were Camp Suisse prizes to be won for a complete line or a full house! Tomorrow we will be taking on the Indoor climbing and archery, where we will have the opportunity to improve our sport climbing techniques and learn how to get a bull’s eye! – Nicky, Group Leader

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