Camp Journal

Greens go to Parc Aventure & Learn Languages!

10th August 2018

The morning kicked off with languages, as per usual, but based on the evening activity (see below), a lot of singing in different languages could be heard from the classrooms echoing throughout the tiny town of Torgon.

After languages, the Greens (and Yellows) went to Parc Aventure in the valley. A big park in the forrest where campers can go with zip lines from tree to tree and release their inner swinging monkey. It was good fun and some good flying action throughout.

Back at camp, the evening activity was kicked off by the Blues and Reds’ superb Language Talent Show showcasing their newly learned languages. This was then followed by a good session of karaoke in different languages on behalf the Greens and Yellows. Those morning practices came in handy. German rap, Spanish Latin songs, and some good French and English pop, were the highlights of the evening.

Bart, Group Leader