Camp Journal

Greens day of bonding

24th July 2017

This morning marked the beginning of the second week of Session 2 for our lovely campers! Now that our Green group have had the time to bond and grow more confidence it was time to challenge them with some team building activities. There was all sorts of activities including physical games like ‘desert island’ and ‘Nightline’ along with others, and there was no end of giggles and teasing as the campers attempted to work as a well functioning team!

Next up, it was time to further improve and test the campers skill set with some language lessons in the afternoon! The English classes worked on superlatives and imperative verbs during their session and then applied what they had learnt during an activity to create an advert for a camp Suisse backpack! To finish off their lovely day, the campers had some Cottage Pie and a nice and calm movie night before they headed to bed.

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