Camp Journal

Greens and Yellows descend on the Chocolate Factory

23rd July 2017

All of the Green and Yellow groups woke up excited today as it was time for the campers to head .to the chocolate factory at Callier. We drove down and once we had arrived, we were shown a collection of  films about the company, along with various adverts from throughout their history! This was then finished with a fun quiz before moving on to the much anticipated tour. Despite an unplanned technical error, we all learnt a lot as the campers were taught about the origins of the delicious substance, and were able to taste mountains of free samples! Unsurprisingly, the shop was very popular and plenty of chocolates and souvenirs were purchased before we then headed to the nearby historic town of Gruyeres. Famous for its delicious Cheese, the kids had some free time to explore the beautiful village and castle, with plenty of quaint shops and beautiful cobbled streets.

Next, it was back to camp for a relaxing shower hour before evening entertainments. Today, each group chose a movie to remake in the reduced time of 3 minutes! This was equally exciting and challenging and there was lots of creativity and plenty of laughs in the air before bedtime this evening!