Camp Journal

Green and yellow go bananas!

10th July 2013

Today the Green and Yellow group went down to Lake Geneva where they were able to be driven from side to side on a banana boat at top speeds. As well as the sun, the camper’s excitement and enthusiasm was shining for all to see.  It was a great day for everybody involved, and it was even better to see people like Kasvi who had pre banana nerves to get on and have a great time going bananas with fellow campers whilst being thrown off into the sea. To top the day off the campers were allowed to visit the Montreaux Jazz Festival which enabled the campers to enjoy strolling by the lake side, browsing at various different stalls which sold different varieties of products for the campers to get their hands on. All in all a great day with fantastic positive attitudes and impeccable manners from our campers, very pleased! GO TEAM!

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