Camp Journal

Green and Yellow camping update!

9th July 2013

There aint no mountain high enough for our Greens and Yellows after mastering the 3 hour hike to our ‘glamping’ hut last night. The groups took to the hills like a duck to water reaching the hut in record time. With a handful of our more dedicated mountaineers pushing their limits and continuing their hike to reach France. Upon their return, the explorers were greeted by a sizzling BBQ. As the sun began to set over the horizon, the campers took to the campfire for cholocate bananas, toasted marshamallows and a good Swiss sing song, not forgetting the all important Camp Suisse traditional Sing-off. Today our campers have stayed on camp groups and taken to the ancient art of archery, practising their bowman skills. The second part of the afternoon saw some of our campers tackle their fears on the indoor climbing wall. Group leaders were particulary impressed by the bravery of Elissa and Caridad, who conquered their fears. Today also involved a very early breakfast for some of our campers as we welcomed the first day of Ramadan. We like to wish all our campers goodluck in their fasting!


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