Camp Journal

Green & Yellow Groups: Prepping for Prom!

15th July 2021

The greens and yellows spent another great day at camp. With the rainy weather persisting, they spent the morning either on the climbing wall with Shane, making friendship bracelets and prom decorations with Hannah, or inventing ping pong trick shots (Rube Goldberg style) with Cian.

Simona and Rea were particularly inventive with the trick shots, and we managed to get many successful shots filmed!

After some lunch, the green group set off from the centre to Torgon suspension bridge! Though the weather was not perfect, spirits remained high as Jasmine conquered her fear of heights- cheered on by the rest of the green campers.
Back at camp, the yellows enjoyed a competitive game of 5-a-side football.

The greens and yellows reunited for a lively game of bench hockey, where sticks were clashing and balls were flying! The clear stars of the game were Ombeline and Dannika- defending their benches dutifully, and scoring with skill and precision!
The campers then packed their bags and put on their best clothes ready for prom night- we are looking forward to a brilliant final night ahead, Hawaiian style!

– Mary Brown, Group Leader