Camp Journal

Green & Yellow Groups: Languages and Ultimate Survivor!

12th July 2021

The day started off a little calm after the excitement of last night’s big match! Despite the few tired eyes this morning, it was another fantastic day at Camp Suisse! The Greens and Yellows started off with language lessons; it was the final rehearsal before the big karaoke tomorrow night! The French class is ready to sing ‘Ramnez la coupe à la maison’ and ‘Dans le jungle’ of Lion King. The English classes are prepared with Shakira and Shawn Mendez.

After a hotdog and salad lunch, the Greens and Yellows headed off to the woods for Ultimate Survivor; one of our newly developed activity sessions that teaches the campers to overcome physical, mental and team challenges, all wrapped up in our realistic immersive scenarios.

The campers discovered their survival scenario, planned their survival strategy, and learnt survival essentials: they lit a fire from the sticks they found in the forest, then built fantastic shelters to protect themselves from the elements, and finally they filtered and purified water and took part in a first aid activity.
All in all a great day!

– Hannah Parry, Group Leader