Camp Journal

Green & Yellow Groups: Language Learning & Sports Tournament!

19th July 2021

With the morning sun shining bright over the Camp Suisse centre in Torgon, the senior campers began their day with the first class of language lessons of the session. Unlike the typical school setup, the spectacular views of the soaring Swiss mountains provided the backdrop for their outdoor classroom as the students learned about all things related to the international cultures of their classmates through the target language. In the advanced English class, each student shared facts regarding their families, interests and future plans and found out that they had more in common with each other than had initially anticipated. The campers made their way back from the outdoor classroom to the centre in time to enjoy a delicious warm lunch of hot dogs and salad cooked fresh from the kitchen.

After lunch the greens and yellows trekked to the football pitch for a sports tournament with a twist! Eight teams led by the group leaders battled it out with three-legged football, tennis-baseball, ultimate frisbee, and hockey. Greta gave her all on the footy pitch, while Hannah P excelled in in the ultimate frisbee. We witnessed thunderous smacks of the ball on the rounders bat, particularly when Mohammed stepped up to the mark. Nico was a real team player, keeping his team spirits up during hockey. Pablo and Vasily kept good rhythm during three-legged football and hobbled to victory for Suus’ team. It was Joan’s team who ultimately clinched victory in an epic moo-off.

The campers await an evening of rhythm and rhyme in one of the most popular evening activities- Junkyard Band! And an early wake-up tomorrow for the Glacier… 

Hugh Duffy & Aisling Vaughan-Witts, Group Leaders