Camp Journal

Green group

30th July 2012

Following the first day’s excitement of banana boating the green group had some in house activities to turn their hands to. Following Sunday’s language assessment the campers were divided into teaching groups for the classes in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Each morning the campers have an hour and a half of sport – which today was Tennis for the greens. Some impressive forehand skills were shown especially by Meer, Toby and Alex setting the bar very high for the coaching staff led by Oli, to keep up with! 

After lunch the green split in half with Tina and Nat’s group starting the afternoon with archery, whilst Mairi and Fran’s groups began with the climbing wall. Helped by the Activities team, the campers soon began to pick up the techniques required for a successful target shot in Archery, and many hit the centre target with ease. Rosie from the activities team created an interesting game for the Archers with their accuracy in the target ring corresponding to cutlery items they could then use at evening dinner time many managed to gain one useful item – such as a spoon – yet the outer ring corresponded to chopsticks are less practical for many campers – especially when the evening meal was fajitas!

Each group did one hour and a half of each activity, with the Archers then becoming climbers and vice versa. At the climbing wall, Sarah and Tom led the campers un some warm up games before the campers would try their hand at the 7 challenging routes up the wall in the CS centre. The campers soon began to get the hang of climbing and many were soon speeding up the wall. Tom and Sarah then introduced some small games to the climbs, timing some children on a particular route, and attracting some paper to the top of another for campers to write their names at the top, marking their achievements to be kept in the climbing wall. 

Following the routine daily shower hour, the campers had fajitas before splitting in to teams for the evening activity of Torgona Hunt. This entails a series of questions and answers to be found all over the centre in a Treasure hunt style, with the winning team to be revealed in due course. 

Hopefully the campers rest well as a 5.30am start awaits them for the Glacier trip in the morning. 

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