Camp Journal

Glacier & Villeneuve Pool

7th July 2011

Never seen snow before!?  Afraid of dogs!?  Attempting to ride the world’s highest alpine rollercoaster!?  

Wanting to conquer a 3000m glacier!?  All of this was achieved by lunchtime by all of the stars of the day – Red Group!




The beautiful husky dogs were extremely excitable and after a thrilling sledge ride we were able to stroke and cuddle them.  After admiring the amazing scenery from the viewpoint we tackled the world’s highest alpine rollercoaster, at full speed and without using the brakes!












Spirits were high as we set off for Villenueve and Lake Geneva.  Spectacular diving talents emerged as everyone was keen to follow their Group Leaders off the 4m and 7m diving boards into the lake – a scary prospect even for the bravest of staff. 

The sun continued to shine as everyone enjoyed themselves relaxing by the pool. As time went by, more and more children faced their fears and leapted off the 7m diving board to the amazement of many watching from the pontoon.


All that was left was enough time to grab an icecream as we boarded the coach back to camp in anticipation of this evenings activity – the Talent Show!

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