Camp Journal

Glacier To The Lake – Blue Group

4th July 2012

Wakey wakey, rise and shine! There were plenty of sleepy faces when the Blue group were up bright and early for a 5.30 am start ready for a day at the glacier! After a relatively quiet 6am breakfast, it was off on the coach to Glacier 3000, which for some of the group would be the first time they had ever seen snow! Most of the Blues caught some Zzzzzzs on the hour and a half coach journey so that when we arrived we were raring to go. Wearing mismatched combo of sunglasses and warm jackets we climbed aboard the cable cars that took us to the summit. Everyone enjoyed the ride, especially one camper who got the chance to help drive the cable car! At the top, we were not only treated to a magnificent view and fascinating talk from the activities leader Rosie, but we also got the chance to get a chairlift and go down for some husky dog sledding. Despite barking and howling with excitement, the huskies were super friendly and tirelessly gave all the campers a memorable trip on the snow!

Later, it was back on the coach to head to Villeneuve for diving and swimming with the stunning mountain back drop that frames Lake Geneva. Everyone enjoyed splashing around and although going from the snow to the beach presented a real juxtaposition we all adapted pretty quickly basking in the sunshine and enjoying the return of the warm weather. It was a brilliant day for all the Blues, which finished with the Camp Suisse casino opening its doors for some giant games and roulette fun.

Yet another perfect day, who could believe we still have 9 days left!

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